I cut my teeth in retail advertising, and I loved it. Like most things retail, it’s all about what’s next and new — so most of my retail work is not presented here... with a few exceptions.
Retail companies I’ve worked for: Holt Renfrew, Toronto / Macy’s, New York / Lord & Taylor, New York / Macy’s West, San Francisco / Henry & Company, Provincetown / Provincetown Fudge Factory
Bag stuffer promoting Henry’s new website.
Braided rug magazine ad for Macy’s West.
With over 200 fashion shoots under my belt — this one remains a favorite.
This fold-out kids mailer for Holt Renfrew was a labor of love. It featured a real Band-Aid® closure (donated by J&J) that was affixed by differently-abled professionals. Printed in both English and French, it took first prize in its category at RAC (and if you know what RAC was... well, let’s just say that I’m not a millennial ;-)
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